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ikr ~ I’m crazy

I Automatically Smile When I See YOU


With braces on, how can you afford to chew gums? I’m mesmerized again.

When will we talk? I want to have a moment with you, even just an elevator ride, just the two of us, is more than enough. *sigh* Do you have any idea that you are my smile? I don’t know how else can I survive this night shift without you. Should I go back to being a robot?
Where exactly are you now? Out with her?
Are you with her or are you just somewhere here,? Please, don’t disappoint me, it’s weekend. As much as I want to move on, I just can’t. I always end up missing you more. Will you know what my eyes are saying?


I’m still excited to see him. How I wish he’ll pass by here… Damn! How come it’s hard to move on… I want to, but I just can’t refuse to stop. Every time I see him, my heart just melts. I know, I shouldn’t rely my happiness, my smile to him, but…. I’m just human, weak enough to control my weakness. Still, He’s not moving here. Not adjusting ___. How in the world can I see him without me exerting any effort.

He’s missing AGAIN! I hate it so much whenever he disappears just like that. I feel so helpless and hopeless. Where is HE again? I haven’t seen him in his Monday outfit. Has he ever seen my bangs? I know it’s just Monday, there are four more days to come but c’mon, Monday is the start. I don’t want to miss the start of the week without him. I know I’ve said it a million times, that I will move on, but here I am, still writing, whining, and missing HIM. I guess, this is pretty normal. One can not just withdraw from a vice, it takes time and a lot of turn backs, but in the end, it will END. That’s all that matters, right? So, I will continue drowning myself with all the emotions. DAMN! I MISS HIM!
I feel sick of waiting for him to come


happy shift!!! OHHH MYYY… It really feels great to see him early. I can’t help but smile.


I’ve been listening to this song since 2:36 am and I can’t stop myself from smiling. Just like its lyrics “napapangiti ng hindi ko alam kung bakit” Liar me! Ikw.. Its because the song reminds me of HIM. “alam kong hindi ppwedeng maging tayo, pero minsan, naiiba ang ikot ng mudo”. Am I hoping for it? I can’t stare at him like I used to do before. I feel so guilty and if get caught, I might not be able to hide my smile. Yes. I will surely smile.


Yes, this is about HIM. LOLx

I don’t know why I’m attached to him like this much, and no matter how much I convince myself not to, I just end up smiling as he pops up in my mind. Maybe I’m just sad deep inside, that I need someone to think about or find a reason to stay. I need a reason, something that can fill up what’s lacking in me. Pathetic me, right? Haha! T___T
We just can’t control who our eyes will see, but we can pretend and lie to ourselves. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*
This is life. This is reality. We can never have everything, but I have much, just not him. Wait. Do I really want him? What do I really want from him? I don’t waste much energy entertaining those thoughts, honestly speaking. I’ll just enjoy the happiness while it’s still there.
It feels great to smile because of him.
I know in time, I’ll get over this craziness, but for now, just let me drown myself into this thing.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, everyday is all about you.. just you and how you make me smile, effortlessly…?


6 thoughts on “ikr ~ I’m crazy

  1. oh my… i wouldn’t imagine that what you feel about him is in this level had i not read these posts! i feel bad for saying bad things about him now. i know they hurt you more than you show after reading this. papakabait na po. ^_____^

    1. I’m just happy… not falling or whatsoever… hahaha
      You can say all the things you want to say about him and that will not change our friendship… naks!!! 🙂

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