count your blessings

Faith and Religion

Like most of us, I learned a lot of things I am very proud of and will never be ashamed of …

I’ll try to think about it, every day and post it hoping someone, somewhere might find it worthy.

Allow me to call it “A list of blessings 101”

So, here it goes

We may not be that wealthy, but I graduated from Private Schools. A Catholic School for my entire Primary and Secondary education and a Non Sectarian University for my Tertiary education *FEU 🙂

~ The best thing about growing up in a Catholic school is that my faith with God was strengthened. I am a sinner, an imperfect individual but I know how to respect my religion. I believe, even I can not see God. I never question nor doubt his existence. There was never a day or a memory I can regret, that my school ever forced a student to go, pray and worship God. That’s why, I find it annoying every time I hear other people talk negatively about religion. So, where did they come from? Even the devil himself came from God! I can’t think of enough adjective to describe those kind of individuals; living like they are the greatest creature in the entire universe. If they’re that intelligent like what they SAY, then, they should know the word RESPECT and SHUT UP! I hope and PRAY that they will never experience anything in their life that will make them bend their knees and lift their hands and pray. I guess, a person’s attitude is a reflection of their family. Again, I am not claiming of having a perfect family, coz’ we’re not, just bearable, but, from my ancestors, I learned to love my religion. I must admit that after getting a job, I rarely get the chance to go to mass, and I feel bad about it. Like last year, it was my first year, after almost 12 years of consistently attending and completing the misa de gallo. I felt a different kind of pain and emptiness as the year ended because of this. I have money, but not enough time.

If only I can slap back to reality the faces of those individuals who speak highly of themselves and yet doesn’t have a heart to thank God for their blessings, then I’d be more than willing to use even my feet. Why do individuals like them exists? With all the blessings endowed to them, still, they don’t have a heart to acknowledge God’s existence in their life?

Surely, I’ll hear, “that is them, it’s their opinion, just respect it”, comment from others, but think of it, do people like them deserve to air their opinion as nonsense as rejecting religion?

Patience. I need lots of it coz’ I’m surrounded with mad people.

~ How about a consistent and self acclaimed religious person, but doing the blind faith thing? This one’s another story, using and seeing religion the wrong way.

Again, I am not perfect, this is just a product of my own thinking. Let’s see it as an expression of my thoughts just like you express yours. I really feel sorry that others got stinky attitudes.

May God continue to bless them.


One thought on “Faith and Religion

  1. I’m sure once on their life, especially those times when they’re in chaos, they once call for the help of God. They just don’t admit it, or they’re too shy to admit it because they want to prove and stand as an atheist.

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