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An open letter for the future (I wrote it last March 13, 2012 ~1:49AM)

Dear future boyfriend,

Thank you for being there at the right place and at the right time. Thank you for being patient and tolerant; you knew very well I’m a newbie in this – our situation. I’m trying my best to adapt, adjust and be matured, so to lessen your headaches. I never knew you’d be here by my side, making me realize how empty handed I am; that there’s a space in my life that’s yearning to be filled. You saw the fears, hesitations and doubts in my eyes. You never got underestimated by any of my characteristics, attitudes and personality that that others always see in me, instead, you disregarded all of it and unmasked the fragile,weak, and alone me. You never knock; you always let yourself in, surprises me and successfully caught me off guard. I don’t know how you knew that I love assertions. You never failed in trapping me with no choice or chance of running away. My life with you everyday is what a life really is. You enlightened me about the real meaning of understanding. You carried me when I felt I was strong, then I realized that I’m not, just holding firmly to my pretensions. How you ashed the walls,solved the maze and melted the ice away, and finally reached my scarred soul, amazes me most. Amongst the many that took the step, only you had endured the way without a single hint of giving up. Look at you now, you got your prize. You never said I was perfect, but instead, you made me realize how imperfectly I was to fit in and fill in another person, which is you. You held my hand, hugged me tight, looked into my eyes, the next thing I knew was that our breaths and heartbeat are at pace. I never asked but you came. I’ve got more than what I deserve. Let’s keep it this way, no promises.

Let’s walk together, together is enough. I love you, rest assured that my heart is yours to keep.

I love you really, smile… I love you  。◕‿◕。

~ B


7 thoughts on “An open letter for the future (I wrote it last March 13, 2012 ~1:49AM)

  1. Awww.. this is so sweet. Whoever he is, he’ll be happy if he read this, i’m sure with that. 🙂 Lucky him.

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