symptoms of falling in love

As you fall in love your heartbeat will increase as the object of your affection passes by.

The palms of your hands may sweat as your excitement increases and conversations with this person may become odd as you are tongue tided by strong emotion. Either that, or you may be at a loss about what to say as you gaze into their eyes longingly.

Falling in love can literally make you go weak at the knees. At the same time, your mind will be full of constant thoughts about the person that you are falling for. You may play out fantasies in your imagination about being with them and them loving you in return.

You may find yourself dreaming about them during the night, having spent a long time intensely thinking about them before shutting your eyes to sleep. As love holds you firmly in its grip, you will find that you have a need to talk incessantly about your love.

While falling in love, everything that goes on around you will begin to relate to the person that you are falling for. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ from asianfanfics ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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