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My first assuming moment

Warning : For my own pleasure only. Characters are real, the scene was authentic; just uncertain about the reason why it happened. What you’ll read next would be my side of things – wishful thinking.

So, here it goes …

My most awaited Friday!

It was raining hard around 5 pm, and I thought it was just one of those rainy afternoons, but YES, it was NOT! I got stuck in traffic and it was too late when it dawned on me that I have to move out of the bus and start walking to spare myself from being LATE.

Time check: 20:10 @ DIAN st. – I officially had the courage to move out of the bus! It was too late!

run, jog, hop, jump, walk ~ repeat! It was my first time to run with buses on the side, and walk at the PNR railroad. What was I thinking? THE INCENTIVE OF PERFECT ATTENDANCE!

Oh my! I abused my shoes! If I had foreseen this kind of scene, I could have worn my running shoes instead. I was very positive that I’ll make it, right on time, buzzer beater, but I DID NOT. While walking, I suddenly thought of checking my phone; then to my surprise, it was Joycie, who was unfortunately stuck at traffic as well. Anyway, when she mentioned she was already near Mercury, I thought she was referring to the one near  RCBC, but, again, I was wrong!

Time check: 20:35 @ Ayala Ave – I give up! No longer running, just walking my remaining distance to my beloved company. My hair was a mess and I feel so dirty.  Anyway, I decided to just smile hoping it’ll attract back good vibes.

Time check: 20:40 @ the lobby – No one’s there, except for the guards. I feel bad coz’ I thought I was the only one late!!! I’m still disoriented. When the elevator opened, I was staring down fixing my hair, then I saw someone approaching me.

The MOMENT: … approaching me.. I slowly lifted my head, and to my surprise, it was my smile – walking towards me with smile on his face. I automatically smiled, but looked away, and then he changed his direction. I didn’t looked back his way, all I did was enter the elevator and push the button RIGHT away.  Blood rushing through my face; my heart was pounding and I WAS SMILING!!! OUR MOMENT!!!

All my desperation was erased. I enter the office, with a smile and good vibes. I can’t handle my happiness. I need to share it with others or else I might just burst into tears – tears of joy.

I was late, but I had my moment. What was he thinking when he walked towards me?

Here’s the conversation I made up in my head:

Smile: *smiling* Oh! Hahahaha! You are late!

Me: *shocked* *smiling* My hair is a mess!! D eff!!! Ikr.. I’m late and I feel so dirty right now.  *kilig*

~~ aww.. This is it! A moment without words! I wasn’t even sure if that smile was for me. It could be that they were talking about something funny on their way down and it just so happens that I was there, at the right spot, when the elevator opened.

I can’t imagine a moment where we’ll have a conversation, or any instance where we’ll have close encounters. I’m sure I’ll get tongue tied!!!

Smile… My SMILE.. why you always make me so nervous? I can’t stop myself from smiling just knowing you’re already there…

I know, I shouldn’t feel this way, but please know that I’m doing my best to pacify my emotions; it’s just that I CAN’T.. for now…

How I wish I exist in your world like you do in mine.

THANK YOU MY SMILE for making me smile every night!

There’s no else my eyes can see, except you… LOL


4 thoughts on “My first assuming moment

  1. “How I wish I exist in your world like you do in mine.” gusto ko toooooo!!!! pwede ko ba tong gamitin kay kepyong ko???? aigoo aigoo…. aaafahgsfdhagsfdahgsfdaghsfdahsgdfahsgdfasghdfasgdfajdajsdghfajsdasghdfajasjgagasdghfasgasgasgasasgasgasaasasdghfasjsdgh

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