~ Are you afraid of the dark? -0.o-


Did you know that August is considered a “Ghost Month”

Is it because of Aughost? hahaha… Kidding aside, I made a little research about it, and here it goes:

“The Chinese believe that during the 7th lunar month the gate of Hell is opened. So, the ghosts of deceased can arrive to Earth. Ghost month is the most dangerous time of the year, and malevolent spirits are on the look out to capture souls.

On the first day of the month, the Gates of Hell are sprung open to allow ghosts and spirits access to the world of the living. The spirits spend the month visiting their families, feasting and and looking for victims.

Traditionally whole 7th month is called the Ghost month. In 2013 this month will last from the 7th of August to the 4th of September. “

… Freaky? Creepy? Exciting it is! This idea makes August more fun than November, right?

If there’s anything that will haunt us is the ghost of our past. Something we can’t run away from…


– Face your fears

– Running away will do no good

– Ask!

It’s better to know the truth and get hurt than forever wonder why

– Move on

– Let go

_ Learn from your mistake

Doing the same thing and expecting different result is simply called STUPIDITY

-Forgive yourself always

Whatever this month may bring, never forget to be thankful. Each day is a blessing in disguise.

“Ber” months are coming!!!!

~ I wonder if any of my ‘smiles’ will greet me on my birthday.. Surprise me, please?!!! 。◕‿◕。


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