Greetings that will never be heard …

It’s been two years since I last saw you smile. That day, we were happy, smiling, laughing, and sharing thoughts. That was also the day you let me borrow your book. Can you remember that? As much as I want to be happy, I just can’t. You never like to see me like this, I should move on, but HOW? I’m sure you’re in a much better place right now; no, that’s an understatement; You’re in the BEST place already. No more pain, problems, sadness … just PEACE. You are at peace there. I hope you never see me, let alone you see the others,; just please do not see how have I been since you left. Nah! I’m not blaming you for anything, it’s just that I miss you and I can’t help but cry whenever I do.

Papa… I really miss you badly. I don’t want to cry anymore. I’m sorry if I’m weak. 
You will forever remain my hero. 

Papa… Happy Birthday … I can’t go there to celebrate now, but I will, not just today. 
It’s our birthday month! I’ll wait for your sweet greetings. I will wait. Please, don’t disappoint me this time. 

oooppsss… did you see my tattoo? Oh my! I’m sorry 🙂 But you’re not mad at me, right? Don’t worry, I like it much. Hahahaha… I promise, this is the first and last…

I hope you hear my prayers.

I love you!




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