just sharing

pardon my thoughts

“I may smile but it doesn’t mean everything else is going fine inside my head.”

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep my mouth close every time something irritates me?
Get it wrong, misunderstand it, the hell I care!

“Wooossaaahhh” — I repeat this silently to relax my senses. I can’t remember where I got this mantra, but I’m sure it’s from a movie where one of the characters was dealing with patience issues. *just like me*

When you’re trying to be good, tests will always come to test you. And I keep on failing each f&(*#n& day. Forgive my words for this entry, but I know I have to write this one for once! I read another article and it says that, “to take control of your emotions, what you can’t say, write it down as if you’re doing an impromptu.” So, here it goes, whether this one’s be effective, or not, what will matter now is that I was able to express what’s hiding in silence.

People have different attitudes, and lately, theirs just stink and I so hate it that they got stuck in my nose! No matter how badly I sneeze to get them out of my nostrils, I guess their hold is too tight that they keep on hanging in there no matter what. Why do they exist? Well, I can’t say that they’re incompetent I just really hate their existence! Ha!Ha! Just kidding, I hate their attitudes. They may have brilliants minds (what??!), but they don’t use them properly. No need to cite examples or else this crap will just end up sounding like a showbiz mind boggling trivia made to feed the mind of blood sucking parasites.

Life is not all about values, good morals and right conduct; please, don’t leave the comfort of your home without any of those. If they will only be conscious enough of their selfish actions, then the world will be a lot peaceful! Please, hear me out! Don’t … I mean, please be SENSITIVE! It’s not every day that people who understand, will understand you – we have limitations too.

Honestly, to be considered great, you have to have VALUES.

Be selfless and care for others.
Caring and sharing a part of yourself will never make you a lesser person, only better.

People with great minds are born to be a BLESSING to others.
When was the last time did you check yourself?
If all you that goes out of your mouth is, I am like this, like that, I am not like this, like that, and other defensive shitssss… then, you are being selfish. Time to grow up, guys!

Never treat people as your stepping stones; carry them with you and see how they’ll turn out to be your wings. 😀


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