Happy Birthday Bratz

greetings !!!

We Are The Spice Gurls


hello there B1, this is J2 wahaha!

you know that it stressed me creating this message since you’re just right beside me. hahahaha.

Anyway, happy birthday girl. I’m glad that you’re my seatmate. you’re always there to listen to all of my chikas, kabaliwan, and of course frustrations.

and i on the other hand try my best to be the same person to you. Charot! Hahaha!

We share the same taste with things. Except with cheese no? I love it. You hate it. haha

We both love blue.. star.. and many more. Faye even stated before that we eyed for the same guy as well. Hahaha! But i think that was only with _ _ _ wahahaha.

Sometimes it amazed me that i dont need to elaborate things or issues to you, because you know thrm already. hahaha. So we started calling each other B1 and J2. medyo corny pero…

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