It’s the thought that counts

Maybe, I should change the way I think about people.
Giving them enough trust, thinking each deserve benefit of the doubt was never a good thing.
Or was I really that naive?
What’s the real meaning of friendship, again?
From what generation did I really come from?
I may not be the perfect friend everyone would like to have, but I’m certain that I know very well how to be a friend. It’s more than being together physically, but more of being there when you’re needed the most. 
Is it really hard to be my friend? Am I making things difficult? Or I’m just expecting too much?

Maybe, I’m just tired.
Tired of understanding, and smiling.

I should learn how to close my eyes to not see the things I don’t want to see.

Can’t people just be sensitive enough?


They’re making me SICK!!!
literally and figuratively *-*


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