weather, whether, whatever

” I’m under the weather.”

An understatement for what I’m going through for this past few weeks.

Honestly, I was never bothered about my health and wellness, EVER,  not until lately.
No one knows how HARD I struggle to get up on my feet and put up a face as if everything’s goddamn FINE.
The only motivation I have was, I don’t want to alarm anyone about my condition. Though, I’m also unsure of what is it really; all are just “might be”. I know I should consider getting an X-ray to finally get the right medication, but I am not prepared for other circumstances that comes with it. What if I’ll be advised to rest? That I need to find a healthier environment – enough of night shifts? Am I prepared to give up just like that?

Well, I’m about to share my rants about my first attempt to use my health card …

Another struggle!!! Minutes after we left, rain started to fall. With no choice left, I had to carry Brianna all the way. I have to set aside my own weakness or else, we will not reach FUMC.
Rain, please, STOOOOPPPPP, just this once!!!!!!
No, the rain didn’t heard my plea.
Well, what comes with rain?
Did I say what time we left? 3:30 P.M — take note!!!!
Jeep, tricycle, jeep and traffic and flood … The driver, the very gooood driver forced his passengers to transfer to another jeep coz’ of traffic and flood.
Good thing is, Fatima is within my sight. A few minutes of walk, we’re already there!!!
Wait.. There’s more… How can I go there? The road is already flooded, knee deep in front of the hospital, I guess so.
No….. But… Arrggghhh.. The foot bridge!!!!! I had to climb the foot bridge, to transfer on the other side of the street where the hospital is. No time to whine, I had to walk fast, or run if I can, but I’m running out of breathe already.
Me: Climbing up and down the foot bridge, carrying Brianna on my right and holding the umbrella on the left —- AMAZING RIGHT!!!

The long walk was over, and here we are at the admission …
I got our number… and it made me smile for a while..
take a look to know why 🙂


We got in at exactly 4:35.
There were three ladies at the admission (whatever you call them), patiently and slowly accommodating patients with their HMOs, for admission. There’s this not so old lady, and I can’t understand why she look so fury, but tries her best to lower her voice. 15 minutes passed, and we’re still waiting. I’m losing patience. What’s taking them so long?!
Will we make it on time for Brianna’s check-up? How about mine? Both only have offices from 4-6 P.M and here we are stuck again in the ADMISSION!!!!

Time check: 5:05 – AT LAST!!! our number was called by a smiling lady. I showed her our HMO, maxicare and caritas. She refused to accept to my HMO because I need to provide a letter from the company or from the caritas before I can use it. I frowned as I accepted my fate.
At least, Brianna can still have her check up. My gally, it took another 20 long minutes before we were approved. We rushed to the pedia’s clinic, and to my dismay, the door hanger says “the doctor is OUT”. Oh well, I thought the Pedia was out just out somewhere.
OKAY! It’s already 6PM!!! Still, no sign of doctor! The lady inside the room went out and turn off the light! I was like, “what the f^%%#%$^!!”
Again, we rushed back to the admission, and since I’m with my niece, I had to remain calm. I approached that LADY again, and I said, ” Excuse me, where’s the doctor?” She smiled and said “out of town pala si doc. for 2 weeks.” and SMILED!!! I wanted to scream and throw the paper at her face, but I’m too weak; I felt like crying, but I can’t.
So, I gave her a grin, and walked out! Isn’t she STUPID!
It was already dark, and still raining …
People are lined outside, waiting for any means of transportation.
And again, for the nth time, I felt helpless.
I’m so tired. If its just me, I could have gone elsewhere and wait for the water to subside, but I’m with a child. I have to move and protect her.

…………………… to be continued



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