6 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them

I thought I was doing the “denial” thing the right way, not until I come across this post . Well, I do hope that he knows that I didn’t mean to be mean to him; I was just busy concealing my emotions.

Thought Catalog

While it may seem like the simple act of telling someone you have feelings for them, and might be interested in dating them, is just that: an easy straightforward task, nothing could be further from the truth. For many — those of us who do not put “unrbidled charisma around love interests” in the special skills section of our résumé — we have to find new ways to go about letting the special someone know. Here, a few particularly effective tactics:

1. Completely ignore them.

If you are absolutely head-over-heels for someone, what better way to let them know than by refusing to acknowledge their existence? When they come around, make sure to feel your entire body clam up and start sweating, until you’re essentially a giant armpit of discomfort and desire. Be unable to make eye contact with them, get extraordinarily nervous when you hear that they’re going to…

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