another passers-by


When I saw this, I was reminded of a ghost in the past. 
It hit me, for the first time, that I was really over that bad dream. 
No longer demanding for explanation, or whatever; I can’t even feel anything, like he don’t matter at all.
Funny but true, that it took one source of happiness, to help me forgive and forget everything.

On my quest for understanding and discovering emotions, I proved that its not time that heals wound, rather its love.
When you have a happy and a heart that’s overflowing with love, everything you see is wonderful.
And it’s maturity that holds each piece of us together after a not so good ending.
I guess, I’m a both childish and selfish lad that wants to just meet good souls, but not and never will be ready for any commitments.
I’m out to collect and save memories.

I find it more challenging to be emotionally stable than being brainy super genius.
Books and self-study can gain you knowledge but it takes a lot of courage to discover your deepest self. 

Life is all about balance.
You can’t be good with both ends, but at least, you can try to make it meet somewhere else.


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