House of Carters

“He’s not perfect.
He was never a good role model.
He got into vices.”

I knew that this TV Series existed, but I opt not to watch any episode not because I don’t want to know the real man behind the alluring face of Nick Carter, it’s just that I know how reality TV series goes on.
Actually, it’s the reaction of the viewers I’m afraid I can’t take.
Unconsciously, I ended up watching the first episode. It was too late when I realized that this is the series I’ve been running away from.
It broke my heart to know that the Carter siblings are just like the normal siblings – argue over small stuffs, have sibling rivalry issues and fight, as in like hit each other!!!
It hurt me coz’ as the eldest, Nick tried his best to provide everything for his dysfunctional family.

At a young age, he found comfort and peace of mind in drug abuse.
It must be really HARD to be the one your siblings are looking up to.
To add up to the bitter side of fame, he has his fair share of traumatic experience from his parents.
In times like this, where can you hang on? Where can he run to? No one! That’s why, he fell into the temptation. Thanks to PH ~, a heiress who dragged Nick to drugs!!!! !@#@%#%^&
Back to the series, what I learned from this is kiss and make up. They may argue now, but the next morning, they are all OKAY! When all else fail, you can rely on your siblings. Find strength in each other.
I felt like Nick has kept his silence for the longest time.
His life must be really that hard.

In the end, I felt that I was not alone. Again, it was Nick Carter who enlightened me about certain things. Like his favorite line “I’ve been there. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I did.”
I will take that advice.
I learned something from this series.
Others may have considered this a waste of time, and basically non-sense, but for a die hard Backstreet Boys fan, and a loyal Nick lover, the House of Carters, made me love my siblings more.
Just like him, I’m willing to give everything for my family, with nothing else to expect in return.

Just RESPECT is what I’m expecting.
It’s not asked, it is EARNED.
You can’t even buy it, coz’ it’s priceless.

To my long time crush, you have my respect, and love 。◕‿◕。

I’m your no.1 fan, and will forever defend and believe in you…

Thanks !


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