Daily Prompt: Unexpected

I know it’s shallow but yeah, I felt like this year, I lost a lottle (little and a lot) . And all those losses happened at the same place. I lost, friends, crushes, and a part of myself. Some days I feel like I no longer know who I am. I’m not the same person I used to be. I know that this new setting should have made me a better person, but I think it’s the other way around. I learned a lot of bad habits, I never knew I’d be caught doing. Well, we all make mistakes, and I think, it’s my time to experience such. Good news is that, I see my mistakes, and have enough courage to straighten things out.
I don’t blame anyone for what I’ve become; I’m fully accountable to myself. Those mistakes are done solely by yours truly, so, there’s no way, or should I say, put the blame to others, in any way.
The shallowest lost, which can be considered not a loss at all ( I don’t own him, we’re not even friends in the first place), is my TWIN.
Nah! We’re not siblings, that’s just his code name.
Everything happened so fast, that I didn’t even noticed time flying away.
He came. He caught my eyes. He made me smile for reasons I don’t know. He was there when I needed someone to uplift my mood. Guess, reasons nor words aren’t enough to describe or explain some happenings in life. He’s one of the few that will remain a mystery. I felt broken when he just left. I can’t even forget the last day that I saw him. I was at the peak of my craziness when he disappeared, like a bubble that suddenly popped – will never come back AGAIN. Why am I damn good in getting attached to people I know will never be mine? No one knew how hard I tried to get over him.
shattered into pieces. What’s worse is, I don’t have any plans of putting it back together. I’ll leave myself broken as it is.

Where is he now? Wherever it is, I’d like to think that he’s in a much better place, where he can smile a lot. The smile I never saw, even for once. I miss him, like how much I miss myself.

I never dream of a perfect situation, I just want everything in order, and properly falling into its right place.

In losing, we come to know the existence of VALUE.
Even if I lost much, I still have another year, to gain a lot.
stay positive and smile !!!

For my TWIN ~ Thank you !! ^_____^



What to do? MOVE.Take the first step and everything else will follow 。◕‿◕。


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