13 Types Of People You’ll Find In Every Group Of Friends

I’m #10. Always busy and wants to go home. Weekends for me is quality time with the family. I mean, with Brianna, Brelize, and my Jazul. It’s not that I’m antisocial or what, let’s just say I prefer the feeling of being a kid rather than an adult doing adult stuff(s). ^_^

Thought Catalog

Every friend group is different. But yet the same. Stereotypically, you have probably encountered one of the below types of people (if not all) in your friend groups. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?


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1. Drunkest Girl

This does not have to be a girl. DG is the one who somehow always happens to get white girl wasted (even if they are not white) at the bar. They seem to always wind up drunker than everyone else, no matter how little they drink. You can find them standing up flailing their arms around to whatever music is playing next to a table in which their friends are sitting at casually sipping their drinks. You can find them befriending people in the bathroom while their friends attempt to drag them back into the bar. You can find them drunk texting in a corner with a look of anger and rage…

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