I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t.
I have to do this or else my tears might burst
Is it not enough?
Will I ever cross your senses?
How come you look so chill
While smiling and laughing on my part
each time you don’t recognize me
makes me feel painfully invisible


I’m struggling to understand
what’s happening
Am I missing something?
Or Am I just overreacting?
Been keeping myself busy
distracting my myself away from thoughts I can’t fathom
Why you’re like that? HUH?!


Must admit right here that you’re the reason why I’ve been sleepless!
It started so wrong
I saw a ghost in you,
I thought I might use you to reconcile my shortcomings
I made myself believe that you and that ghost were same souls
But I really can see that GHOST in YOU
And there are moments I can’t separate present from the past
Will you curse me for having those thoughts?


I can’t sleep
All I can do is over think
Imagine illusion of things I want
Can you be gentleman enough and slap me back to sanity?


Where was I now?
Where are you, by the way?
Please, if you can’t stay
leave my side NOW.
NO! Wait. Just stay.
I’m giving you the permission to hurt me
Just don’t leave right away
Fair Enough?


When God showered pain tolerance, I got it all.
I should be thankful.
Pain is my vitamins
It is where I get my STAMINA


I just don’t know where I’m standing
I’m hanging and wandering
patiently waiting for the unknown

Even if our eyes rarely meet
Know that it sees nothing else but yours
You don’t need to interlock it with mine
Just don’t look the other way


Disclaimer: This is not a poem. >.< This is just a rant by a restless, sleepless and bothered inked vampire.









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