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~ lost

Vertical Horizon saved me once again.

I give up doing anything to make it work. Just smile, smile, smile and smile once more, until smiling becomes a habit. I no longer know what’s true from not. Now, this is what it feels like to live one day at a time. Never expect, just breathe. But, my eyes I can’t control. I feel like they breathe their own life and will shed tears whenever they want to. Betray me under the stars, and shine the brightest when the sun comes up. I have to smile, like nothing is going in my head. Can’t life be easy? How dare am I to have that stupid thought!
I’m running slow, but time pushes me to the future. What’s left and best thing to do? Continue and stare from a far. Conceal it, don’t feel it. Wear that happiest mask, no matter how dark the clouds are.

I wanna slide down that rainbow and fly with the unicorns.
Just be someone I know I’m not.



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