the other side

How could I miss the thought?
I was too focused on the bright side that it left me blinded. So, without further dramas, the other side is like this:

Maybe… Just maybe ;p

The story was about a “for rent girl”, and her rich businessman sponsor, and a young boy.
This young boy was secretly in love with that girl, that everyone in his circle find it crazy. (Who wouldn’t? boys are boys, I guess so.)
Every night, the girl was picked up by a shining black luxury car, driven by an anonymous businessman wearing a suit. Just like any other story, the girl was young and beautiful, and the man was somehow almost aging, and not-so, whatever, period. 
The young boy feels that life’s not fair, that girl deserves a good man and not just any other old douche.
No one understands his illusion. Of all the young girls around town, why .. Why is his eyes set on that kind of girl? Everyone thinks he lost his sanity over that girl clearly out his league.
One night, the young boy saw the girl dropped by car, she was in tears. He hid himself behind the lamp post, close enough to hear the conversation between the girl in his wild dream and that old man in suit. He heard that the forbidden relationship was over.

The young guy noticed another passenger in the backseat, there was another girl. That was the “other girl” the old man was saying, they are back in each other’s arms. The girl of his dreams was rejected by his sponsor. The car left, and the girl just remained standing,overflowing with tears. There was nothing he can do but stare and feel sorry for the girl.

The scene gave him hope, that he can now pursue that girl. The girl he used to see in his fantasy, and wild dreams is finally free. 
He announced to everyone his plan, he wants to marry that girl. Stunned and puzzled, no one managed to react. They all thought that the young boy has gone insane. 

The melody was soft and gentle, almost enough to put you to sleep. ~ 
Just like the other boys … Unfortunately… he was just like the rest. 


It was wrong to expect too much. He’s not a saint, just an ordinary guy wearing a mask. 
How come I still can’t see the other side of him?




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