Mr.Friday ~

Dear Mr.Friday,

I can no longer hide it. Do you really have to keep me waiting that long? There are 7 days in a week, and all you can spare for me is a day, and it’s Friday! I know, you’re busy with your life, and maybe, just maybe, you want me to focus on my craft as well. But, didn’t it ever cross your mind how much I miss you everyday? Just a smiley, a simple smiley is more than enough, just don’t ignore me totally.

Did you say you “like” me? Did you just say that because someone betrayed me and told you that I have a crush on you? I missed one day, and everything was twisted. Can you be honest, for one more time? It’s an understatement to ask you to be honest, coz’ you never lied even once. Am I right? I don’t care what others are saying, it is your words I will always believe, except when you said you “like” me.

I should be happy about it, but how come I can’t feel anything at all? Can you please explain to me why? Why did you have to say those words? Did I do something wrong?

Damn! I miss you, and you know it? I don’t need to say anything coz’ you can read my mind. For some reason, I am really fascinated at how good you are with timing. You were always right there, at the right time, saying the right things. You never failed to capture every bits of me.

To end this, please, if you can really read my mind. Please, don’t let me wait that long. I don’t have enough patience. I should trust you. Trust what’s with ‘us’. No ifs and No buts. Okay.Okay. I will try my best. I will just sleep early. ~

Okay. If space and distance is all you need, then FINE.
I’ll see what I can do about it.

I will surely MISS YOU.. A LOT…
your wish is granted.

Ms. Impatient


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