coincidence ~

Ever since I’ve known my #soulmate (though he hasn’t realized this yet. he has his own term), I become more aware of things I’d like to believe are what they call “coincidences”. Is it the same as fate? Whatever it is, I’d like to share one recent instance, that made me reconsider the idea of coincidence.

Yes, it’s still about HIM, who else? Anyway, last week was another test of patience. No message from HIM. I patiently waited until Friday, and it passed with NOTHING. Saturday, I woke up in disappointment – no message from him! At around 8 in the morning, good heavens heard my plea, he sent his usual greetings. I didn’t reply, instead I let it remain unread until before noon. I continued with my chores, and after a couple of hours, around noon, I sent a reply, with no smileys, just plain message and graphics. I gave him 5 minutes to reply, then with no response, I then again proceed with my itineraries, and turn off my wi-fi. I tried my best to shake him off my mind! I went to salon, dyed my hair. Time passed by that fast, and some minutes, I managed to focus on other things. When I got home, I opened my wi-fi, and his message popped out. He replied! After 15 minutes… He kinda guessed that I wasn’t at the mood. I answered him honestly. He replied again, this time it was faster. After a few exchange of chats, I was waiting for the right time to tell him about my hair, but, he’s already sleepy. He said that I owe him a story –  why I’m not in the mood. I wanted to tell the truth, and so I did. I told him he’s the reason, and followed “joke”. There it goes. He asked why? I want him to sleep already coz’ he’s tired, so, I told him to just drop what I said and “nyt”. His last words were “ok”, “nyt”. Feeling guilty, at around 1am, I sent a peace sign and goodnight. HE DIDN’T REPLY! I was so disappointed for the nth time. 

Come Monday, I swear to myself, I will not think of him. I will focus on my work. I will try to enjoy my hair. All the while, I was focus on thinking happy thoughts, and even thought of I shouldn’t be mean to him in any way. He has his reasons. I can’t make demands, we’re just friends.
For some reason, an idea crossed my mind, an imagination. While walking fast, I suddenly thought of him waiting at the canteen inside the building. He’s there to ask “why” and “sorry”. The idea made me giggle, but then I had to cut it out of mind. He’s not like that. Again, we’re nothing! When I reached the building, for some reason, I kept on glancing at the canteen, unconsciously. I had to stop myself. 

Then, at around 8, one of my officemates who went down at the canteen, announced that he was there, with bag. I don’t know what to do. I wanted to hide. I’m starting to feel nervous, but had to conceal it, and appear busy and calm or else, my seatmate will surely notice my uneasiness. I don’t know why he bought his breakfast there. Is his office just around? Or did he slept at the van and end up in our building? Whatever it is. I don’t know.

I thought he hates me already. He sent a message to my dear seatmate, and me — nothing. Anyway, I was telling my seatmate that I’m about to lose my special someone because of honesty. She said, my special someone doesn’t hate me, rather loves me. At the middle of my emotional realization, his name popped at my screen. He called me by my nickname. I waited for some minutes, I had to calm myself. I missed calling him with the nickname I gave him. I thought he will not reply AGAIN, but he did. Though the chat was short, at least it’s better than nothing, right?

Can he really read my mind? Are we that “close”, that he can sense my emotions? Or is it what they call coincidence? I experienced a lot of it already, and most of it was with him. One more, I need to see it  in front of my face. I mean, this time, I want to feel his presence personally. If he can put it in action, then, I will believe his idea of destiny and meant to be. 


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