Date A Girl Who Is Afraid

“But if you find yourself in love with the fearless girl, love her hard. Challenge her. Push her. Let her push you. Let her change your mind and sometimes you will change hers. Prove her wrong, keep her close and let her fly. She may not always be unafraid, and one day she might relax in a place of permanence. She may always want to run, but try and keep up. You may not always catch her, but you will always remember the moments you watched her explode into a billion tiny fireflies and dive into the unknown, sometimes taking you along for the ride.”

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / black stena image – Flickr / black stena

Date a girl who’s afraid of pain. Her porcelain skin will gleam without the unsightly bruises, cuts and blisters of thoughtlessness. Her soft hands avoid the daring obstacles that harm. You won’t receive frightening hospital calls or have to worry about pulling out splinters. She will know her limits and listen to her judgment. She will always hold on tightly to the handlebars.

Date a girl who’s afraid to offend. You can go on wearing your crocs and cargo pants and she will smile sweetly at your ridiculous outfit. She will get along with your family and never make your mother cry by giving a ‘Meat is Murder’ toast at Thanksgiving dinner. She will bite her tongue and be sure her opinions don’t cause insult to others. You won’t have to always listen to her interject her contradictory viewpoints or subdue her argumentative ways.

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