Just trust the journey.
I know and I keep reiterating to myself that I shouldn’t be resentful.
Take a deep breath
Look above
and Smile
This too shall pass
Whether the reason will be revealed or not
Learn to be grateful
Shits happen to everybody
I am not alone
Laugh at my mistake
Shake my head and face my own stupidity
This will pass
Distance is all I need
It’s what he needs probably
I thought I got my gift already
not until I was slapped by the note:
“wait there’s more”
I didn’t ask any gift in the first place
Maybe, it wasn’t for me really
I was too excited that I actually opened something that wasn’t mine
And this is what I got!
Now that its owner finally found the gift
she took it away from my grasp
and together they walk away from my sight
they even took my door with them!
Pathetic! I am so pathetic!
This too shall pass
I will cry if I want to
I will smile even if its a fake one
I will let the wind take me elsewhere
I will feel the pain
until it no longer hurts
until I no longer feel anything
until I forgive myself
until I see him happy …


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