I do! or I do?

I do or I don’t? : Wedding dilemmas

Why marry?
So simple yet hard to answer. One may end up answering “because we love each other”, which is a legit response, but the thing is, you have to analyze yourself why you want to settle down with your partner.  Love alone is not enough, cause eventually, one day it’ll fade away. Not to discourage couples out there, but this is reality. You have to dig deeper, and know that there’s more to life than love.

In defense of my article (defensive mode on), it’s not that I don’t believe in the importance of marriage, rather, I don’t understand the point why a lot are eager and are willing to move mountains just to get married, when they don’t even know how to love and value themselves.

And how about commitment and loyalty? Those who are committed rarely stay loyal, and those who are loyal tends to run away from commitment. Life is really that ironic, that you just have to laugh at it. I suggest that if you are young, or whatever your age maybe, never rush into marriage. Having a new surname or someone beside you all night long will not assure you of a happy and contented life.

Try to be independent. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Marriage is not a game that you can take start over and over again, until you reach the final stage – there’s no such thing as game over.

Be responsible with your choices.


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