Dalagindings Reunited

I miss PPGs …

focusing on the good...


This group is the very reason why I started this blog. last year on my birthday we established (LOL!) the Dalaginding Foundation. they are my co-writers on my first real work. it’s been 9 months since i left the company, and this is the very first meetup i’ve managed to come to since then. i missed shielabebe‘s despedida last July. it was Barbie‘s birthday last August and we just had to celebrate. STAR CITY!! ㄟ(“▔ ˛ƪ▔ ҂)ㄏ

I am not really in the mood for words so i would just drown you with pictures. Haha! just a few words though, i realized i missed their company. we had a lot of fun though it was a short time and though some of the park’s highlights were closed >.<


Ride to Star City (pretending like we own the van for a provincial trip nyehehe). i should mention that we watched…

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